Made in India


A ladder possessing the desired features of big towers manufactured to the most exacting standards from quality materials.


This ladder meets the total requirements of trade and industry.

This tower is quite sturdy and safe as far as safety is concerned.

I t is fitted with a suitable platform of 3ft below from top.

The telescopic tower is scaffolding that does not require any assembling

Stiles of heavy-duty section (Indal) 2..5/,"x I.'/4".It is built of special profiles with two or three towers interlocking between each other as per the height.

Telescopic winding is through a steel rope system controlled by mechanical winch gear machine .

It is fitted with special devices, which prevents any danger arising from wrong maneuver.

Fabricated in two sections up to 35 feet and in three sections up to 50 feet.

Steps are round and spaced at 250 mm (10") from center to center and are housed into the stiles by a unique engineering process.

Each ladder is guaranteed for a period of five years any kind of manufacturing defective material or workmanship.

 lt is used particularly for heavy work carried out at remarkable heights.

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